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Na, they are just too disorganised (and I suspect mismanaged) for that, I get the feeling that they walk around and see if they have enough content for a patch and crammed whatever they can together. Its pretty clear this is the case, as the stuff that comes out in the patch hasn't been tested. Alot of the things that do come out of a patch isn't even considered priority by the community either, which leads me to believe that the Taleworlds devs are running around like headless chickens.
Luckily though, we have some developers that are present on the forums giving us the heads up on what they're working on - which I appreciate.
I disagree. I think one of the reasons why were are not seeing some of the "most wanted fixes and features" is because they stick to the plan they have made and are too inflexible when faced with the community opinion. You can argue that the development is slow (not even talking about years ago, that was catastrophic) and I agree but it's not a big studio and there are lot of issues that need to be solved which, from my limited knowledge, tend to be more grindy than building up something clean from the start, the coding for the game doesn't seem to be as easy as a fps game...

I have flip flopped on my view of TW and the development a couple of times now and I might be wrong here, but what I can tell for sure is that the concept of "lazy devs" is generally a misconception, I believe they are working hard but sometimes that isn't enough to produce good results. What I'm trying to say here is that the issues with the development might not have much to do with their organization but more with external factors.

I and most people, I'm sure, would be happy to know some details of the development process, what happened in the past and is happening with the current development. I don't really know who to tag, but @Dejan if you could bring up the idea and make it happen I would be very happy. Even a simple explanation would be nice.
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