Siege Towers must be Re-Designed

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For the life of me I will never understand why the Siege towers are the same height as the walls in which the ramps are being dropped on. Even though siege towers historically were used in a much different manner than what we see in Hollywood movies (See Siege of Tyre by Alexander the Great), the towers that we see in game have glaring issues that must be resolved:

1. If the ramp drops onto a hole in which the defenders can simply swarm the ramp and spawn kill any attack climbing up the ladders
2. The siege tower must be taller than the wall so that the ramp drops onto it from above without a way for the defenders to kill the attacks before they have a chance to "offload"
3. There is still an issue with AI using the ladders effectively to get up the tower, this can be fixed by simply using ramps to act as stairs inside the tower which means they must be built differently in game
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