Siege towers and a way to improve them

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i know the ladders dont always work on them but im not gonna tlak about that as i think theres another issue that needs looking at

That is when you get to the top of the tower the door at the top is closed which is fine untill it opens this then leads to issues

the first guy on the attacker side at the top opens the door when its likely just him or one or two others depending how the ladders are going for your men

The enemey will charge across the siege door since they can and ussaully out number the attackers they win that fight and it just becomes wall ladders whcih tend to favoer the defenders sine its one at a time up them (if they climb them) which means the investment of building the siege tower is pointless as soon as it reaches the wall

There are 3 solutions i can think of

Number 1:
make troops wait at the top till there is X amount before they open the doorr (ladders would need to be fixed to ge this to stay with the attacker advantage)

Number 2:
once the door is open have an invicible wall that is one way so troops can leave the tower but not reenter it (not a fan of this personally)

Number 3:
make the door open higher than the wall so troops drop down (like in total war) this means that the defenders can just charge up the tower when it reaches the walls

Idk how diffuclt any of these are to do and i know ladders need to work correctly first but currently i see no reason to build a siege tower over laddders (or a ram and just charge through the gate


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One day we will see it fixed? :lol:
The first thing is to fix the bleeping bloody ladders and towers. This would also fix issues that the OP raised, as then you would have a group of people at the top of the siege tower.

Seriously, this issue has been broken way to bloody long.

At this point, for my part, I wouldn't care if the graphic looked like a slide and the troops just magically slid up the bloody thing, as long as the ladders and towers actually FUNCTION. Fix the graphics afterwards, but make them funcing properly for crying out loud already.
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