Siege tower: current or 2015 model?

What kind of siege tower would you like to have?

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Yesterday, in the Discord Channel, @Younes123 talked about the problems with the current siege tower model. As part of the conversation, I added that the model in my eyes looks unsatisfactory because it lacks an upper level to give covering firing and the access ramp should be sloped downhill favoring the attackers (over the battlements in a horizontal position by default; if there is no battlement the ramp is supposed to be sloped in favor of the attackers.).

The thing is, I remembered in 2015 Taleworlds showed us this:

Here you can see an early version of the battering ram and the siege tower. The current ram, morphologically, makes more sense since its lack of protection favors the gameplay; the shape of the old one provided too much protection for attackers.

In contrast, I think the early model of siege tower makes much more sense than the current one; mostly because of the upper floor and larger dimensions. Perhaps, due to navigation pathfinding problems, the early model with sinuous stairs was replaced by a new one with straight stairs. Under that premise I have thought a simple solution to my way of seeing that it combines a fast vertical deployment (as it is currently) along with an upper floor for support work or covering fire.


For the MP section I think it would work great if players coordinate their attack. While the siege tower is moving towards the walls, a group of shooters may be positioned on the top floor. It would work the same way in the SP section, you would just have to provide an additional path for the AI through the trapdoor ladder (just like in the 2015 video).

I know that this is more of a suggestion and that it should be in the corresponding section. However, I would like to know the opinion of the player's pool (SP and MP) by means of a survey of interests. Both MP and Sp players are aware of the current problems of the current siege tower.

Could a siege tower design in line with what was in 2015 provide an improvement in gameplay?
I think so, but first let's check out the general interest.


I agree with the siege tower, better coverage is essential to the attackers, similiar to that of warband.

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Never really thought about it until I read the conversations in the discord. Honestly agree with both your points with the battering ram and siege tower model - seems they changed both but one necessarily.

Some could argue that it is more fair with the current model, but the current model seriously removes the advantages of using a siege tower over other equipment.

+1 for the old 2015 model.


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Sorry i don't have an opinion on siege towers, but guys go and read the 5 year old comments under the video....the hype, the hope and the illusion were real:smile:)


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I'm wondering... for PM I would definitely use a model similar to the 2015 one with an upper floor for support purposes. For SP, as we have 3 different tiers for the buildings, why not 3 different tiers for the siege towers?


To complement:



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I'm wondering... for PM I would definitely use a model similar to the 2015 one with an upper floor for support purposes. For SP, as we have 3 different tiers for the buildings, why not 3 different tiers for the siege towers?


To complement:

I'll do you one better: siege tower level depends on your engineering

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I agree with all of this, but so far only the ramp model has been implemented that the AI actually use correctly. Until they can fix the climbing ladders pathing, any new model needs to either be a ramp of have stairs going up it instead of ladders. Nothing more tilting then watching the defenders rush on top of the current siege tower and slaughter the few attackers that actually climb up it.


Wow the Trailer from 2015 looks better than todays M&B Game. The Menu, Sieges and City Management looks way more better and immersive.


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Great find man! Also, look at natural cloth color on uniforms, the settlement names in faction color, without the huge black distracting nameplate behind it....


At some point an executive decision was made to break the game and rollback features for the next 5 years. Tier 1-3 siege tower is a good idea, but I have feeling ai would get stuck on that upper ladder.


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Oh the ancient problem of the ladders.
In warband (2010) I could turn a blind eye... Also Conqueror's Blade suffers from this problem and the developers have opted for access ramps; but bearing in mind that this is a free game...there's no need to complain.

In Bannerlord I find it very hard to believe that opting for the easy solution of ramps has prevailed over polishing the behavior of the ai and its navigation/pathfinding. A ladder can't be a problem in a game on the scale of Bannerlord.



At this point I'll take any siege tower that the AI actually use properly. But then again I don't think I've ever failed a siege even with broken ai, god knows how easy it would be with functional ai.
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