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First of all, thanks for the great work done on siege mechanics, which I was waiting impatiently, and I'm not disappointed. (I'm just a bit frustrated by the earlyness of the game atm :razz:)

After several sieges made as attacker, I noted some issues I didn't see yet in "known issues" :

- bug : When defender stock food is 0, defender morale doesn't drop. (It doesn't vary at all)

- bug : Most of the towns and castles I besieged (if not all of them, I wasn't quite aware) have 0 food stock when siege begins.

(morale tooltip and food tooltip are shown on "todo list" by the little overlays they display, so I assume these two points are known and normal at this moment.)

- bug : Orders given at deployment phase are ignored by the troops. Inf and cav just split between as many groups as there are siege engines, and archers just go scatter and sharpshoot.
(seen in "known issues")

- consquently, I do not know if "Retreat" order, given at deployment, has an effect. Unit succesfully disappears from the screen, but... Having retreated my cavalry and horse archers, I still had Elite cataphracts going to push my siege tower.

- bug : playing with 1.0.5, I experienced a situation where my men could not climb on a siege tower. Tower was at the wall and open, and the big blue grinds appeared when i passed my cursor on it. I succesfully climbed at this tower, and my men accepted to climb after I got killed.
This may have been caused by the fact I had two units ordered to climb at the same time.
But I then tried with only one (telling the other to go to another point) and the remaining unit still didn't go.

- flaw : We can't prevent our units from using any siege engine they have, unless we do not deploy this engine.
- flaw : Elite units should not be used to push battering rams nor siege towers, in which activity they have near 100% injure rate. We have got peasants and recruits for this. I want my Elite Cataphracts to be more useful.

Suggestion : we should be able to give an objective or a precise order to each unit.

-bug : "Auto deploy" button does nothing at the moment we click it. It takes effect when battle starts, and resets all changes we did. There is no way to cancel it.
I assume the "reset" part is intended. But it should be made clear.

-flaw : On small walls, ladders are much too long. There should be different lengths of ladders, adapted to wall's height.

-flaw : once siege is started, there is no way to talk to defenders.

-Suggestion : there should be a dialogue option to ask defenders to surrender. (answer related to their morale and food stock)
(as in Warband, indeed.)

-Concerning balance of ballistas, onagers and trebs : Defender always got the advantage, as they don't have to build camp. Any engine we build is destroyed before it can do significant damage (to be honest, my engineer and I have got less than 10 engineering skill together. But I already saw that with NPCs commanding : never-ending duel between 1 attacking onager and 4 defending ballistas. Onager loses.)
Also, it hurts me to see trebuchet being hit by ballistas. It gets destroyed in very few time, because defender always got 4 balistas and they shoot fast.
Imo, treb should be out of reach. Maybe it should take one spot used by "tower" or "ram", so attacker should make a choice. Obviously, it then should be slow to build, and expensive.

Edit : i experienced the tactic of taking the engine to my reserve until I've got 4 of them, and it works perfect.
Maybe engines should be built apart from their firing spots, and deployed when we want, but this part of the siege gameplay is playable like that for now.

-In some maps, it is frustrating to attack on the side we attack, as one flank of the castle is much weaker than the front. If it is not possible to allow that, at least, please upgrade these tiny walls ^^
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That's a pretty good list. I'll add a couple things I've seen:

-Troops get stuck at the siege tower ramp that offloads them onto the wall. Happened at Epocritea (don't know if it's location specific) I watched about 3 troops running in place while the last 2 defenders (archers) shot them with arrows until some guys that went up the ladders ran all the way over and killed the archers.

-Troops will only use one ladder but congregate at the bottom of the other ladder. This is in the Known Issues list in the official post.
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