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I recently noticed how much of a mess defense Sieges are atm. I'm currently doing a playthrough and try to defend Garontor Castle, where i noticed a few things. On some maps Onagers are completely useless, which is even worsend by the fact that you can't choose what to build as the defender. It's almost impossible to hit a Battering ram with them because the map is too small. And the units are out of their range in a few seconds too, meaning you can get a few kills if you're lucky at most. That would be fine, different siege engines being better in different scenarios, if you could choose what to bring. After a few tries and noticing i cannot destroy the battering ram using my defensive tools, i decided to take all of my infantry, run out the front gate and destroy the battering ram. However it is simply impossible to make your soldiers attack it. I have my whole formation standing around the battering ram, but i cannot make them attack it. Charging, holding ground, advancing, giving command to ai, nothing makes them attack it. There should be a command to specificly make them attack the ram and i do see the icon when looking at it, but i cannot get them to actually carry out my command.
So since i couldn't find anything about this online, does anybody know another way to try and have them attack it? Did i simply fail to give out the command? If so then what buttons do i press to actually do so or is it just bugged?
Edit: After some more Custom Battle testing i found out that you give the command by looking at it and using left mouse button, however the command seems to be bugged, i could get units to attack siege engines, however if i send 40 men, at most 2-3 will attack it, most of the times all just stand around and do nothing though. Clearly this command just doesn't work as intended.
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Did you try throwing those big stones on the ram yourself? They are usually stored in gatehouse close tu murder hole.


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As you discovered you must select a group and mouse over something and left mouse click when a gear icon appears, it blue for things like putting up ladders and grey for things like breaking down the door. I actually don't know about telling troops to attack siege gear, never tried. Basically everything about being the defender in a live battle-siege is bad and I would always rather fight in the field, or even not at all. I would likely lose less material letting the AI take the fief then destroying the remaining army in the field and re-taking the fief, then trying to defend it in a siege battle. You just can't use your troops optimally.
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