Siege of Constantinople [Event]

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This event is not available for EU players yet. It will first be held on 29 May, which is also, in fact, the actual day of the fall of Constantinople. After, we will do a couple more of the same event with the EU playerbase, until passing on to a new setting and a new siege. (yup, that's our thing)

Hello Everyone,

In Turkey, 29 may is a big deal. So, in order to celebrate it in a ''warband'' way, we have actually created the historical constantinople(did our best) and decided to host on event on PW 4.5, since in my opinion it is the best mod to host HUGE siege events.

For you to have an idea about the size of the scene:


New: Factions and their control points, + some turkish explanation about how the ''chains of Halych'' mechanics work.

New: Control zones, who defends what + some turkish explanation about how the ''digging tunnels that lead into the city'' mechanics work.

As you can see, scene is divided into these areas:

- Galata District
- Outer Walls District
- İnner Walls District
- Halych District
- Emperor's District
- Attackers 1 (Elite)
- Attackers 2
- Attackers 3

This event will be organised like the events on Napoleonic Wars DLC. Only clans can join, like regiments, and they will be assigned to a certain control point. Of course they can leave to help other parts, but their ''bases'' are assigned to them at start.

Application forms will be arranged later on. Joining without a clan, if impossible at this point. We are trying to figure out a way. But it's unlikely we will find a solution for lone wolfs.
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