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Knight at Arms
I think that time it takes to besiege a castle/city and prepare assault is too short. Preparing everything in one in-game day is too easy and blocks any chance of getting to town with army to break the siege.
My proposition is to change the time it takes to buil camp and equipment with link to engineering skill.
1. With 0 engineering skill building camp should take 7 in-game days and go down to 2 days on 200 skill
2. With 0 skill building equipment should take 2-4 days depending on complexity of equipment and it should go down to 1 day on 200 skill
3. In autocalc siege battle there should be 75% chance of repelling assault depending on advantage ratio. 75% on 1:1 and below and going down to 20% on 10:1.
4. There should be higher chance that siege equipment is broken by defenders leaving You with choice to either continue assault with 1-2 point to breakthrough and probably heavy casualties or abandon assault and build equipment again.
5. If assault is repelled all siege equipment should be build again for attacker.

This will give time for defender army to gather and try to break siege and will slow down snowballing and castles/ city ping pong between factions.
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