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SP Native Siege Ladder Improvements

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Siege Ladder Improvements

I'm currently playing this game again and from the last time I played it I remember I did not like the fact that the vanilla Mount & Blade: Warband often only has a single ladder to climb up during sieges. If you are sieging with 100+ soldiers that really feels ridiculous. I've searched this forum for a mod that changes this, but still I haven't found one that changed the sieges to my liking. So I started to edit the sieges myself and I will share my work because I think there are a lot more people looking for this.

What does this mod do?
- adds more ladders to sieges, making sure all the ladders are being used
- fixes vanilla broken sieges where soldiers were getting stuck
- it does NOT change the sieges with a siege tower
- cleans up siege maps and villages to work correctly with Polished Landscapes
(no more floating rocks and trees through houses)

How to install?
- backup, do NOT remove, the SceneObj directory in the module that uses vanilla siege maps
- copy the SceneObj directory from the ZIP archive to the module directory and say yes to replacing the old files

Will this work with other mods?
- if that mod did NOT change the original siege maps, then yes.

Progress Towns: (all done!)
4SunoSwadiaalready 2 ladders, no change
7UxkhalSwadiax, used the outside wall
13RivachegVaegirsiege tower
16DhirimSwadiasiege tower, fixed floating trees

Progress Castles: (all done!)
1Culmarr CastleRhodoksiege tower, fixed AI mesh
2Malayurg CastleKhergitsiege tower, removed floating rocks
3Bulugha CastleVaegirx
4Radoghir CastleVaegirsiege tower
5Tehlrog CastleNordx
6Tilbaut CastleSwadiawide ramp, no change
7Sungetche CastleKhergitsiege tower
8Jeirbe CastleVaegirsiege tower
9Jamiche CastleRhodoksiege tower
10Alburq CastleNordx
11Curin CastleNordsiege tower, fixed AI mesh
12Chalbek CastleNordx
13Kelredan CastleSwadiasiege tower
14Maras CastleRhodokmade ladder wider
15Ergellon CastleRhodokx
16Almerra CastleRhodokx
17Distar CastleKhergitx
18Ismirala CastleVaegirx
19Yruma CastleVaegirx
20Derchios CastleSwadiax
21Ibdeles CastleRhodoksiege tower, fixed AI mesh
22Unuzdaq CastleKhergitx
23Tevarin CastleSwadiax
24Reindi CastleSwadiax
25Ryibelet CastleSwadiasiege tower, fixed trees
26Senuzgda CastleSwadiax
27Rindyar CastleSwadiax
28Grunwalder CastleRhodokx
29Nelag CastleVaegir
30Asugan CastleKhergitx
31Vyincourd CastleSwadiaalready 2 ladders, no change
32Knudarr CastleNordx
33Etrosq CastleRhodokx
34Hrus CastleNordsiege tower
35Haringoth CastleSwadiasiege tower
36Jelbegi CastleNordx
37Dramug CastleVaegirno change
38Tulbuk CastleKhergitsiege tower
39Slezkh CastleVaegirx
40Uhhun CastleKhergitsiege tower
41Jameyyed CastleSarranidsiege tower
42Teramma CastleSarranidsiege tower
43Sharwa CastleSarranidsiege tower
44Durrin CastleSarranidx
45Caraf CastleSarranidalready 2 ladders, no change
46Weyyah CastleSarranidx
47Samarra CastleSarranidx
48Bardaq CastleSarranidx

Download v1.3:

Where can I get Polished Landscapes?
Download the main file there + the file to fix errors displayed in v1.26 and up.
Look at the spoiler "To add this to any mod:"
follow the instructions there, but DO NOT copy the *.sco files. Warband has been updated since the last release of PL in 2010. those sco files are out of date.

Do I need Polished Landscapes for this mod to work?

- remove the SceneObj directory from the module you installed this mod into.
- copy your backup SceneObj directory back into the module

I would appreciate it if some people could try this out and give some feedback.
The changes to the sieges could use some testing still.

If you want to contact me please do so on my youtube channel in the discussion section.

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Bedroom Assassin
Excellent. Have you seen this?:

Beware if you set ladders far apart the besieger might easily walk in behind defenders
(since the AI only defends one position only (entry point 10)).


Hi Adarno. Yes, I did see (and try) that one. But I did not like it.
It adds additional walls and all sorts of extra stuff I did not want there.

And I'm aware of entry point 10. I'm making sure defenders are waiting on top to defend all the ladders.
It takes maybe 30 minutes to edit a scene, but it often takes an hour or more after that to make sure the soldiers split up to use all the ladders equally and the defenders are actually defending it all.

btw Adarno, I've seen what you can do with the editor.
I've seen some of your work. I'm impressed by what you did for the community. Thanks!


Bedroom Assassin
Oh good. When I began editing scenes I was surprised and discouraged about the simple AI in sieges  :smile:
But you seem to understand it, and I think many will like this mod.


Simple AI? Very true.

I wish they had something like:
If stuck in same cell for 10 seconds
then check if previous cell is empty and search for alternative route if it is.

that would solve most of the problems.
the editor tool for sieges is like a good old game of Lemmings


Uploaded version 1.2

I'm close to done now. Only Sargoth and Nelag castle still need to be changed.
I can't edit Sargoth yet because King Ragnar doesn't let me siege his town. When I try, he jumps outside his walls with his 300+ troops to ambush me before I can start the siege.  :???:
I already owned Nelag castle when I started this project. I have to lose it first and can edit it (if needed) when I take it back.

I've done a lot of testing myself. But its mostly done while I'm sieging the town / castle myself. I tested both with and without giving orders so I think the computer will do ok when the player is defending as well. But that could do with some more testing still.

I'm still going to tweak the sieges some more, but I'm not in a hurry with that. I got some ideas I want to try. Like, a Trojan Horse siege and in general more use of the city streets and rooftops.

Enjoy! Be sure to post feedback if you got some ideas or you found a bug that needs fixing.

Happy new year!


edit: I noticed Alburq castle is missing in the zip file. I'll include it in the next update.


Bedroom Assassin
Quasar said:
I can't edit Sargoth yet because King Ragnar doesn't let me siege his town.
Using cheat menu you can access most scenes through the town menu, including town walls.
That way you can edit the scene without troops in it. It says "CHEAT! Town Walls".

I think the merchant is the only scene you can't access with cheats.

How to enable CHEATMENU
Start Warband with "cheats enabled" box ticked.
Load you savegame.
Once on the WorldMap, press Ctrl+~ (or Ctrl+²) to open the console.
Type "cheatmenu" (in low characters, no spaces, no quotes).


Uploaded version 1.21

Changed the siege of Khudan. Placed the ladders closer to eachother.
Also cleaned up several town streets so they look alright with Polished Landscapes.
7-zip says some of the files are broken when I extract them, already tried redownloading thrice, it's always the same files

I can't tell if they work in-game or not because I don't know which scenes they correspond to


VicRattlehead said:
7-zip says some of the files are broken when I extract them, already tried redownloading thrice, it's always the same files

I can't tell if they work in-game or not because I don't know which scenes they correspond to

Thanks for letting me know. It's Megaupload. Before uploading the file extracts just fine. After I upload it and download it I get the same errors. I tried re-uploading it a couple of times now. But each time some of the files get corrupted.

I uploaded it to a different host.



hey have u check out this?

and why wouldn't u wanna add ladders to siege tower scenes,
they still crowd up the siege tower pretty badly.

and would it be possible to add another siege tower?


MasterBigAb said:
hey have u check out this?

When I started editing the scenes, no. But recently yes, I posted a reaction to that thread a couple of days back.
Some of those scenes are realy nice. But for some others I think I've done a better job. I maybe would not have started my own project if I knew about that project before. But, now I edited the scenes exactly how I like them to be.  (From what I've seen in his screenshots, many are actually close to the same as how I made them.)

MasterBigAb said:
and why wouldn't u wanna add ladders to siege tower scenes,
they still crowd up the siege tower pretty badly.

True. But they dont frustrate me as much as the ladder sieges. For me it feels like the siege tower scenes are supposed to be harder. Once the siege tower made it to the wall the attackers dont have such a hard time. The bridge is wide enough to give the attackers a chance to break through. On top of that it feels wrong to be staring at an empty ladder until the siege tower finally reaches the walls. Because the AI wont use the ladders before that.

MasterBigAb said:
and would it be possible to add another siege tower?
I'm not 100% sure. But even if thats possible, I wouldnt do it. It would make it way to easy for the attackers. The defenders can only defend 1 spot. Two lowered bridges will never be close enough to eachother to defend them properly.

My goal is to take the frustration away. Not to make sieges easier.


Uploaded version 1.22

- changes to Narra to make sure soldiers dont get stuck
- 3rd ladder at Ichamur. But also longer run for attackers to the wall to compensate.
- Sargoth siege now included.

Unless someone finds something that still needs fixing, this was the last update.


FieldMedic said:
You may have made your file private or something on your rapidshare link, as if i click on your link in the 1st post :
Download permission denied by uploader.

Thanks for letting me know.
Without saying anything about it to their users Rapidshare decided to make all files private by default 2 weeks ago it seems.
I think I managed to change the settings of the file to public.
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