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Hello there,
The siege battles needs to be improved, since it seems to be "dummy bots" fightning, examples;

*Defenders pushing out of the wall to fight. I saw a lot of situations where the defenders climbed down the laders.

*AI a little bit lost when you command them to charge. Example: Lot of situations where i´ve commanded the troops to charge, and they simple left their posts (siege towers, ram) and went to the laders, even if that means walk all of the way facing enemy fire.

*Defenders are to easy to defeat: Since i know the AI (Defenders) it will be stading still like a block in front of the gates, i just have to command my troops to walk around them and attack.

thank you for your work guys!


I think some % of the militia could be captains, and get an AI that makes them patrolling on the walls and skirmishing and often pushing back ladders.
And maybe that makes them also get attracted by arrow barrels.
(maybe archers with shields, 1H, chain)
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