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BL Coding Siege Formations Bug

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I made a mod that edits the spnpccharacters.xml - basically units wear different armour etc to the base game. - Mod Link
Unfortunately a side effect of this is that in siege battles, formations are no longer working correctly - they are fine in normal battles.

Everyone is bundled into two groups, it means that archers and horse archers are no longer skirmishing correctly - instead they are just charging in with the infantry and cavalry. I cannot for the life of me work out why it is doing this, I haven't changed any formations or groups aside from making Vlandian Levy Crossbowman count as a ranged unit under the default_group="Ranged" line of code. The only large changes I have done to the xml are creating two new units and deleting some variants of <equipmentSet></equipmentSet>.

How does the game formulate groups for sieges? - Because it clearly isn't looking at the default_group of each unit.

I've tried using the vanilla xml and carefully pasting in my changes but I'm still having issues with this.

Can anyone help me here? - As I really need to fix this asap
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A great example of this would be Aserai Archers - they are armed with Composite Bows, in testing the only change I made to this unit (and the whole xml) is give them a different bow. This still breaks the formations in sieges, despite me changing three lines of codes. Why is this happening?
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