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As i have been waging the eternal war with the West Empire it would end up take a town. lose the town and retake the town and so forth and so on till one us ends up with 41 nobles locked away in a town or castle but thats not where my problem or suggestion comes into play.. its the sieges, usually either The West Empire (W.E.) or us or just me depending on how recent the town was taken and garrison thats left inside. I find that W.E would usually deploy just a ram and perhaps a tower if they had enough time. I would concentrate on taking on the battering ram first since i believe it to be the most dangerous of threats to a point were i sally out the gate and close the gate behind me and try to stall or even destroy the battering ram myself since usually we dont have catapults up at the start since i have no control what the AI builds during the prep stage of the siege ie on the map build. Well when going out to face the hail of arrows and the ai attempt to engage me i would kill/wound the units pushing the battering ram to where there is maybe 1 or 2 units left to push it and it seems that they those strong dudes are still able to push it up and start ramming the gate. Why not make it more realistic to yes you need 6 guys to push and operate the ram at full strength but no less then 3 to operate or move it. Same with the towers im very certain the amount of weight of both tower and ram would require 6 units to move it at its snails pace but less would make it unmovable or usable. Next why is it the AI once the tower is inplace does it have the first guy go up and activate the ramp when its just one guy which inturn would lead to a sudden rush of defenders onto the platform not giving the attackers the moment of having more than one guy to make an attempt to the wall. I suggest give that activate ramp option a 30 second cool down before able to lower to give the attacks some time to stage a few units up there since ladders on it are at the moment some what hard to ensure constant flow of attacking units. Lastly perhaps allow defenders to open or have a unit open the gate for you so you are not left out front after you attempt to sally or deal some quick damage to some attackers and make a quick retreat inside the safety of the walls.
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