Siege duration.

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Knight at Arms
Ok so after some playing and many sieges I have some thoughts that You may or may not agree with.

1. Besieging a settlement takes too short.
I think that on 0 lvl engeenering building camp shod take at least 3 in game days (it could be lowered to 1,5 day with max engeenering).
2. Building siege equipment depending on type should also take 1 to 3 days (also with option to shorten the time based on engeenering)
3. Add option to autocalc battles with % chance of pushing back the assault based on attackers advantage (if it's less than 2 to 1 there should be 75% chance that assault will be pushed back). This % will go down with higher advantage. If the assault is pushed back all siege equipment is broken and AI/player need to build it again.
3. In not autocalculated battles there should be higher chance that siege equipment will be destroyed and only single path will be left. You can then choose to try and fight your way into the castle (probably with heavy looses) or leave and build the equipment again.

Basically I think that sieges should take a lot of time and empower cause currently AI of one faction can take 3 cities in a row without even chance for the defender to go and break the siege (not to mention that if defender AI haven't gathered an army before the siege is laid there's no chance to save the city).
This part of gameplay should be hard, time consuming and make You and AI think twice before deciding if it's worth a shot.
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