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Siege Confrontation, and Attacking Points

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Siege Confrontation:

Siege engines attack at a specific time or specific event trigger
Attack: Siege tower B is attacking the walls where it has less towers
Attack: Siege tower A Marches/Attacks after B tower has made their twenty paces. Siege Tower A attacks the walls with more towers
Attack: Siege Ram Marches/Attacks after Siege tower B has landed on the walls
Defense: When the Wall A site falls, Wall B site and Gate units regroup at main square(The Final STAND!!!)

Attacking points:
To put more men on the less open areas
You can give it like a 5(1 point being 20 percent) to 10 point, 10 being 100 percent or a scroll bar with the number of units
Attack: Siege Tower B attacking heavily fortified towers on the wall. Men set to the task is 1/5 or 3/10 points, or 123 men
Attack: Siege Tower A attacking a wall separated from towers. Men set to the task 3/5 or 5/10 points, or 258 men
Attack: Battering Ram attacks with the remaining men
Defense: Put more men on the walls with less towers
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