Resolved Siege. Bug 2.0 this is a bug

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Summary:I start a siege and the ai show up! Problem is NON of us can give the order so we can get to the battle?!?! And i still can create new siege equipments! And i can remove the same equipments!!! We are in a Limbo!
How to Reproduce:Start a siege
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If he is in charge of the siege! Why can't he start the battle? And why can i move siege equimpments to holding and even decide what sorts of catapults should be built?!? It's limbo!
Yeah it is bugged on xbox as well, they take over as intended but do not begin the siege. You can still build equipment instead of them but even with both walls destroyed, they stay besieging until their army cohesion runs out or the food does!
Yes this is a classic issue, TW changes a mechanic, then doesn't understand what we are trying to say as that is a bug in the mechanics of it then just assumes it's intended since they don't take the time to truly know what we mean. @MArdA TaleWorlds He means if its intended and they take over, then why can we still control the siege but not start it. either we get 100% control or they do. It should be split to control some things while the other person gets control over overs like start the battle
right, I don't mind the mechanic as it gives us the kingdom ruler all the power as the AI is really AS(artificial Stupidity) but TW doesn't realize the AI doesn't get 100% control and need to be worked on. This is where I know there can be a language or they are quick to dismiss us not knowing what we mean. As I stated 2 years ago, if there is a language barrier why not get someone from the community, someone with over 7,000 hours, 1300 videos and covering for 3 1/2 years who would work for free and sign an NDA as a go between to help you understand what the community means. All TW is accomplishing is frustrating and alienating the community. What good does that solve?
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