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In siege battles ,it runs smoothly on 250vs250 , but when you give command to charge game freezes at 1fps and its unplayable. Can you fix it? Thanks
Im using 1.2.0 version
Ryzen 7 3750h
GTX 1660ti 6GB
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Happened to me, only way of not repeating was to give charge command to 1 Group at the Time. Seems like when u order em all to charge it starts to lag


Community Support
Community Support
Hello, i have informed the devs about the issue. Meanwhile, can you please let me know if the problem persisted after the new patches?


I tried in custom siege battle with siege towers and battering rams, it seem that there is no fps drop, I will inform you when I go in campaign sieging and I will try the commands, I started new game after 1.3.0 update
Thanks for responding

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I had a stutter/freeze issue in a field battle with latest Beta 1.4 yesterday. I have played many larger battles without issue in all previous versions, this was approx 400 vs 300 and I have not changed any settings. I commanded the archers for my side and did not reflect that I had indeed issued several commands during the time when the game was completely unresponsive, with several seconds between every frame.

I always start a new game when installing a new patch, fyi.


I experienced similar drop in performance today. I was besieging Ostican and at the end of battle, when enemies starts to run away (IIRC the Charge command is automatically given), my framerate dropped to 9 FPS, and stayed that way until segment with capturing lords started
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Version: Main e1.3.1
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OS:Windows 10 Home, 64-bit
GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super
CPU: Intel Core i7 9700 3GHz
Motherboard: MSi Z390 A-PRO


I thinik it's about AI pathfinding , because when you start the siege they already have commands like Infantry is using the siege equipments, and Infantry is assaulting the walls , those commands given by itself are working fine and no lagg , I have more fps on sieges now than on the field battle lol , but when you give order that Infantry is following you or holding the position or what is the worse CHARGE , their pathfinding is bad and they all stuck charging and causes drama drop fps , but only when full 500 man on the battle i think...


Before the soldiers reach to the gate or stairs placed, everything is fine no fps drops. but when the period they starts to engage with enemy with melee, or after the first gate down with ram, my fps just goes ground zero, all freezing and everything.. Probably AI path issue. its doesnt fix until the end of the battle. literally until the last defencer goes down, everything is freezing. I dont have any fps dropping issues in any part of the game but siege battles.

The interesting part is everything was fine until few patches before. like 20 days before or something. Might be the patch after when they fixed some ladder issues but not sure. Also i dont have any mod that effects siege battles or ai pathfinding.

edit: I know the problem probably can't be hotfixed with 20mb update might be bigger than that but i would like to see focused on because sieges are huge part of the game as everyone can agree.


I can confirm that still fps drops to 1 when I give charge command
I assaulted the castle and everything was fine when army was assaulting the walls and using siege equipment , btw I had only ladders, but when I pressed charge army stuck charging and fps drop to 1 . I think we need to have these commands from the begining the siege battle : Assault the walls
Use siege equipments
Those commanda works perfectly


Community Support
Community Support
Hello, we are aware of this issue with the AI Pathfinding and working hard to fix it. I have informed the devs about the recent info you provided and i am sure it will be fixed as soon as possible.


Nice to hear you guys are working on it, since it is making sieges battles almost unplayable (I have to tell all my units to stop moving to be able to play after the lag starts). On the other hand, field battles are smooth as butter, had a 1000x2000 battle today on max troops settings, and went without a hiccup.

Btw, in my current gameplay I have noticed more siege lag in the northern castles and towns, like Omor and Varcheg and the castles around, whereas I had no lag problem sieging Khuzait's stuff (had a +1000 units battle in Ortongard without an issue).
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