Need More Info Siege attackers don't lose men in setup phase

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No, I didn't use any mods.
Summary: In a siege setup phase, no attacking men are lost ? WTF!
How to Reproduce: Siege settlement, go through setup phase (bridge over ditch, erect archer walls, erect everything else) and no attackers are lost !??? wrong
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Sieges are too easy for attackers and one of the glaring errors in this is, attackers in the setup phase lose no men ! ? WTF ! NO! many attackers should be killed in this phase as it is very dangerous.

Bridging ditches, leveling the ground, etc so siege towers / rams can move forward is one of the dangerous phases of a siege yet in this game, no one gets even a scratch ! ??? This must be fixed. It is a serious flaw.

Depending on wall size and defensive artillery, between 1% and 20% of attacking soldiers should be lost / wounded before the siege battle even begins. From 1% if attacker only uses ladders and few defenders, up to 20% for 2 towers and ram with many defending missile troops, and artillery.
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Are you talking about the siege phase on the campaign map or on the attack phase on the map where you are fighting?
The phase where ditches are filled / bridged, when paths are levelled to allow towers / rams to move forward, when archer palisades are built, when everything else is built. On the campaign map.
Don't think they ever lost people when setting up the siege camp do they not lose any when attacking siege equipment is destroyed? Is this a bug or a suggestion.
Siege camp and surrounding walls would have been out of bow shot but any work close to the walls - clearing path - removing obstacles - filling ditches - building ramps - archer pallisades etc etc ,was very dangerous. There was even a historic siege when an attacker used captives to build these things knowing the defenders wouldn't shoot at them, it worked !
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