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I'm by no means a programmer, but I had an idea regarding siege AI that I think could simplify how the AI interact with ladders and siege towers.

Basically, the way it is right now, AI will constantly interfere with one another when attempting to climb, leading to far fewer troops making it up the ladders, and those that do get overwhelmed by the defenders. I propose a change to the AI formations using siege towers that would minimize the disruptions troops face when attempting to climb. I think the simplest solution that doesn't ruin the shield wall is to move the troop formation off center such that the three columns of troops on, let's say on the left, are directly in front of the ladders and have a clear path in front. Only those aligned will make an attempt to climb, and once all troops of those columns have ascended, the rest of the formation simply shifts over to repeat the process. Although it might look odd to have troops off center, I think this would more than make up for the aesthetic by greatly improving siege performance and AI behavior.

Alternatively, if siege towers were changed to have an even number of ladders, lets say 4, you could have the troops centered. All you'd have to do is have the center rows go first, then the outer two rows move inwards once they are done. Anyways, I would appreciate to hear what the devs have to say, and want to give them my sincere thanks for their work on my favorite game.
What siege towers need is three separate waiting queues for each of the ladders, or hardcore scripting of the ladders in towers so you can only go up, or if I was lazy and incompetent but self aware I would at least put oversized ramp siege tower from the level 1 siege that actually works until I have fix for the other towers. I know this because we already fixed the regular ladders in RBM but we were not able to fill more than 1.5 ladder at the time in the towers.
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