Sicilian Saracens, 12th-13th centuries

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Ian Heath based his Sicilian Saracens, 12th-13th centuries on:
an Ivory casket, Fatimid Sicily or Southern Italy, 11th-12th Centuries, Pergamon Museum, Berlin
Storming of S. Germano by Diepold von Schweinspeunt in Liber ad honorem Augusti by Pietro da Eboli, c.1197
Islamic Sicilian Ivory Casket with Horsemen, 12th century, Bargello
Painted Ivory Box, 12th or 13th Century, Cappella Palatina, Palermo, Sicily
Ivory Casket with Horsemen, 1200-1225AD, Veroli, Italy
Saracen-Byzantine Style Soldiers in the Capitals in the Cloister of Monreale Cathedral, Palermo

I would appreciate any better pictures of these or any ivory caskets that may be a source.


12th Century Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
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