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Somehow I came across this site: and I spent about 30-45 minutes to create my own banner and it looks kinda good ( in my opinion even thou I´m not an expert in this kind of stuff ) and since I didnt saw any thread like this I thought I start one so here it is my own Rainbow Dash banner:


Well thats it now show your nicley done banners!

Oh and when there is already a thread like this just link it to me and delete mine. ( I really didnt found any thread like this ? )


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See profile picture.

It's a fair bit too abstract for a medieval setting, in-game it ends up looking simply like two diagonal stripes on most flags in the game - which makes it nicely simple and non-cluttering. The details really only show up when you actually get close to a flag in first person.
Please share the code kind sir.
Here you are, my good sir. :wink:
@Terco_Viejo, wow!!

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I spend too much time in the Banner Editor. Here are a few of my favorites that I have made for my campaigns. Feel free to use them or even better use them to inspire you to make your own design. Happy designing!



Nunca me imaginé que Don Arturo Pérez Reverte usaría una bandera islámica jajaja.

Also, can anyone make a good Lannister flag? Yeah I know you can get a decent one just by using the lion the game offers, but the Lannister flag has a better quality lion and I would like to have that one instead.
Hein? How to use custom banners?

Go to this site and create your banner. Then copy the code. When you start a new game and are able to pick your banner press paste to load in your custom banner or alternatively you can press "B" at any time on the campaign map to bring up the banner editor screen.

If you're not feeling very creative you can always copy the code for someone else banner and edit it on the banner editor site or just copy and paste it into your game.
At the end of the description on my mod page there`s a file with all the codes, including Terco`s beautifull banner he has given me.

When kingdoms are more like your kingdom and not just you are in for the ride of the AI random wars.... Then I will make my own viking/Norwegian inspired kingdom, that will only(as much as possible) use sturgian troops and first goal is to take over the north(sorry Sturgia). So this is still WIP, just wonder if anyone has some ideas for improvements or what ever?

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