Shouldn't the remaining Empire factions be merged into yours once you've "restored the empire"?

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Seriously, it's too weird rocking the game seeing T6 former leaders roam with 0 troops aimlessly, meanwhile the "restored empire" is thriving, not only that, but the remaining clans from other empire factions (that were not obliterated) should also be merged into your faction of choice (or your own)

Idk, the quest feels weird and non-sensical. I see no point at doing it except for maybe starting your own faction, but then again it only serves to punish you for doing so.

EDIT: Yeah, i've pushed further, but it seems the quest named "Restore Empire" doesn't restore it, instead the next one does, which's kinda pointless, by that stage you are already big enough to not make a difference if some remaining parts of a surviving empire faction joins up or not... =/

I've also noticed that destroyed factions don't really get destroyed, gotta a bunch of 0 troops lords roaming around aimlessly
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