Should spear thrusts be enabled while blocking with shield?

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Well that dude posted a new shield he found in the game with the notch for spears so I'd assume it's something they've at least thought of. Maybe if the mechanic was limited to these types of shields then you could balance around that, like making the shield itself weaker. Seems like it'd be awesome and would make spears in formation good.

I don't think it'd be necessarily unbalanced for MP either as the spear is extremely lacklustre in it's current state. Shields already break in a few hits from 2handed weapons, and if the mechanic was tied in to the spear-bracing system I think it would be perfectly fine.
It wouldn't necessarily be very strong but it could become very frustrating... imagine a guy using such a stance constantly poking you behind his eternal shield... In any case, I find it extremely unlikely Taleworlds would add such a feature to the game.

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It simply can't happen because the game is not physics based and the spear maneuverability is completely junk. If you have seen or played spear vs spear in the arena you know what we are dealing with.
Problems with spears
  1. Thrusts are too slow. The animation is overextended (especially with one-handed spears) and provide just a little more range, this is useless, I would rather have 10% less range (no overextension) and have a quick recovery to hit again (shorter animation).
  2. If you hit your target or he blocks at short/medium range you should be able to quickly recover to the default stance, that's not happening. What devs could do is enable quicker thrusts at the expense of damage, something like the ability to thrust again even if the recovery animation (returning to idle stance) isn't complete. At half way through the animation if you click to thrust again you would perform a thrust animation but for less damage. Similar to this but for thrusts:
    1. Small tweak that makes hitting with a weapon a satisfying experience, intensifying the feeling of hitting against a solid body. This small tweak is inspired by the brilliant but now obsolete Realistic Weapon Collision .​

      In "Feel the Hit" mod, on the other hand, there is no spring effect when you hit, but a rewarding recovering of the weapon's control.

      One-handed weapons with quick strikes and quick recovering. Two-handed weapons with power blowes and fast recovering control. And heavy weapons with enough mass to deflect the opponent. The spears heads and pikes heads concentrate their piercing power right at the tip, achieving a much more rewarding piercing thrust effect.

      Here is a small sample:
  3. Maneuverability or attack options are very limited, you can't even aim properly, the camera zig zag is what determines the spear position. I would like to see some kind of camera stabilization when thrusting, reduce the camera zig zag and apply the mouse movement to change the spear direction and position.
  4. Shields and weapons easily block thrusts, this is a consequence of what I said above and also because the way hitboxes work, spears are meant to go into gaps, the game doesn't allow that. Having the hiboxes behave like they do for arrows (which, afaik is more accurate) would help to solve this.
    1. I am sorry to come here with these manners pointing "the inquisitive finger", but I have to say that "this problem" has been going on for a long time. In the closed alpha-beta period we already discussed this type of problem with you guys; I even opened a thread with videos demonstrating it. The problem persists to this day...(despite the warnings)

      b0.8.5 (March 16, 2020)e1.5.3 (October 26, 2020)
    2. Other concept that I would like to see is a "perfect block". Something like what you have in KC Deliverance (but just for thrusts)
      the idea is to have a "short" window of time to click in order to block a thrust with a weapon (not for shields) and if the enemy misses the perfect block you are able to deliver partial damage.
  5. The chance to deliver damage is lower than other weapons and when you hit the damage is low, when on foot. The above should fix that problem. When on horseback there is not that much of an issue, maneuverability is still not optimal but it's more representative of the real world and has other advantages. Still, on horseback I would like to see the weapon maneuverability increased, specially when standing still or at lower speeds it would make sense.
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