should smithing even be a skill?

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Kapr Kral

When it was revealed that we would be able to have unique weapons smithed, I thought to myself, "Oh that's cool. I can pay a skilled blacksmith to make a unique weapon." It literally never crossed my mind that it would be a skill until after they revealed it as such.


What if players want to roleplay as a blacksmith?
Not saying you should not do it, but imo Bannerlord is not the right game for that. There are several titles geared for Medieval life instead of combat. M&B is in essence a medieval rogue like combat game.

I feel the smithing is just a tacked on feature with little to no purpose, wasting precious developer time. The core game loop is about the combat and rising to become a powerful lord/king so that should be where the focus lays. Maybe ontop of a dynamic sandbox game world which justifies the trade bit. However the smithing part adds little to eiher.

So sure, would be a cool thing, but Medieval Dynasty or Life is Feudal at least in theory have their core concept more aligned with that idea. With limited resources Taleworlds should stick with a focussed goal and not hunt the pointless dream of making some fully quailfied life simulation.

Being able to order items from armourers and weapon smiths (blacksmiths were btw the low tier tool smiths who weren't specialized in weaponsm the black implying wrought iron tools, not polished metals) would be great though.
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