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Hello Guys!
    This is just a simple thread with the basic rules of our linebattle. Right now they're basic because we expect the events to be small, until the community can grow in size. Depending on the size of events, there may either be only two lines (one per faction), or if we have a high player count, we'll allow regiments to form their own independent lines.

  • Rambiong is the act of staying away from friendlies and charging in alone. It is not allowed
  • All participants must attempt to stay in some sort of linear formation
  • Firing on a charge is allowed, but you may not reload
  • You may only fire in a line or on the charge
  • If a line falls down to only two people, that line must either charge or join a friendly line
  • Crouching is only allowed when not engaged, or when in two-rank lines
  • General rules apply: No Teamkilling or Teamwounding

Event Time
Every Friday at 8:00 PM Central Time (US)

Server Information
Server Name: SnS_NA_Event
Password will be given out to those in teamspeak:
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