Short brothers in campaign mode

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I feel like there's got to be some setting that's off here that gives preference to shorter brothers.

I try to fiddle with the voice slider to get a brother that looks roughly like mine IRL and have him make all our clan's children so my dude can ignore all that nonsense. But you can't see your brother's height in the character generation, it always shows him as about the same size as your character.

So I've just had to restart like a million times because you can't tell in character gen when your brother is tiny. My brother is about my height but the game keeps generating short brothers, way more often than medium height and taller seems very rare. I've spent like a half hour restarting without getting a brother of reasonable height and appearance and it's driving me insane.


If I were making a character creator family, I would likely make it so that your family matches your chosen skin and hair color. In TW eyes, my Pale, dark haired character has a very dark skinned dad with red hair and a tan blonde mom, along with a manlet brother and his clone and a bald sister. If they were going to make it this way, they should just say your character is adopted.
To your point though, yeah they almost always come out tiny. It would be nice if, at least for your starting family, they let you edit them at any time because sometimes it's really strange looking.
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