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Hello, I have been putting some thought into how to improve the combat in bannerlord and I have come up with a couple ideas that could be implemented to add depth. First off, I realize warbanders might not take these changes well though they must realize there needs to be evolution in the combat system to entice new players to drop mordhau /chivalry 2 and try out bannerlord.

1. Shield Combat Overhaul
Currently in the game there is directional shield blocking which is awesome as it makes you think of how to block incoming attacks, though there should be more too this. You can block your whole right side while leaving the front of you exposed. What I'm pitching is the ability to attack while holding your shield up. This would be dependent on block direction but when you are holding RMB to block you should be able to attack with some movement and range penalties. Having the shield hitbox always active to sword/spear attacks would also be a nice change instead of adding (A).

How this will work

- (A) If the shield is blocking the front of you, you should only be able to thrust spears or your sword while still having your shield blocking you(Figure 1). You will have have to have a SLIGHT movement and range penalty though since you have to have the shield steady in front(Movement debuff could be dependent on shield weight)

Figure 1: Example from Total war of stabs conducted behind a shield
- (B) Shield chambers should also be implemented where if you get the correct direction with a shield block (RMB clicked as sword is about to make contact with you) You should almost punch the sword away putting you in the advantage state where you can attack before they can(Figure 2). ( Will reduce attack spam on shields). The opponent should be able to block still.

Figure 2: Example from Total war of a perfect block
2. Stamina
Most sword fighting games have a implemented stamina system to prevent spam from occurring. Analyzing this forum, the conclusion is that attack spam and shield spam is a concern. Implementing a stamina system will discourage this play and create a battlefield where stamina management is vital in combat. I understand the possibly backlash with this from veterans, but gameplay can get dull with the lack control of your character and this will add more tech to the game. Currently the game makes me feel like a robot, added animations of fatigue with a quiet panting would add immersion and depth.

How this will work

- Attacks that do not connect on flesh will chip away at your stamina and at a certain threshold you will start to swing slower but not completely stop. This prevents attack spam on shields which a lot of people are not fond of. This makes attack accuracy and timing more important. Also, as a side effect of low attack stamina, you leave your body open longer allowing the opponent to get a faster swing in or other possible follow ups.

- Blocking should also have stamina where getting continuous blows to your shield or sword will drain your stamina and after a certain threshold crush throughs will start to occur. This will prevent shield spam which is also a complained about problem in multiplayer. Perfect blocks though will not drain stamina.

- Running should also be implement with a stamina system, this though will be a system that drains stamina in in exchange for faster player acceleration with a top speed of 1.25x the max run speed of the character. Side effects that come to mind is faster map movement, faster skirmish reinforcements, sprint attacks and new map exploits. I think faster skirmish reinforcements would be nice too have and possibly make games quicker. Sprint attacks would be great for infantry with the current problem of them being too weak. The extra velocity of the faster movement will create a higher damage output of weapons, this means catching someone off guard is more rewarding and dismounting cav is easier.
NOTE: Movement speeds of inf must be a lot closer to each other and weight affects how much stamina must be lost. A gradual decrease of your sprinting end velocity must occur to allow for a sprint attack, if letting go of the sprint key makes you instantly go to your normal speed then you can't get a velocity bonus on attacks.

Overall, I think this would make the game less robotic and more fluid. The combat just needs some toppings added to it, though balancing would obviously be a concern. The shield addition would seem to be easy to balance though a stamina system would be complicated. The implementation must be in a way where combat is not changed that much. The argument of stamina depletion and regeneration would have to be discussed. The stamina system should not be too aggressive though where you are constantly tired all the time. Hopefully this is considered as the innovations of the combat system have not changed and adding some slight additions would spice the game up a little.
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