She's Pregnant?

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Well, that was kind of surprising. My character married Dhila a while back. She was 27 or 28 at the time, but I thought I could probably get one or two kids out of her before it became unrealistic. I tried 2, maybe 3 times waiting 6-10 days in a town. Never got pregnant, so I gave up on it. Now, 4 years later, she's age 32, I'm waiting for nightfall to assault a hideout and I get a message that she is pregnant. Huh? First, I thought it was pretty much set up that your wife could only get pregnant while waiting in a town with her. Second, because I couldn't get her pregnant when waiting for much longer periods previously, when she was significantly younger, I figured there was no chance anyways. Apparently she either found it romantic to see my sweat covered body (Khuzait territory) or she found it romantic lying together under the stars ( I think it was shortly before allowing me to attack the hideout, although I'm not sure).


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It's a bug/oversight, buy yeah you can get pregnant waiting for bandit hideouts, in some versions anyways. Happened to me a couple times too.


Might be a bug, but in theory, I would think waiting anyplace could get your wife pregnant, just a small chance since its a short wait. Just surprised it could happen, not necessarily disappointed.


My wife got pregnant after beating thugs in dark city alley. We were waiting for gang leader to appear :roll:


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Why couldn't someone get pregnant while waiting about?

It should be a game mechanic. I think there should be a permanent chance of it happening whenever the player has stopped - so long as the player and partner are together. It makes no difference to sperm and egg whether they meet behind a tree on the side of the road or in a plush tavern in a city...

I'd like to add, my character gave birth immediately after defeating a Sturgian army. Hell hath no fury like a warlord in labour
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