Skirmish Sharis

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Players playing as a cav will probably not like this map at all. The flag on the rooftops is a meat grinder for them and the other two force them to maneuver in a tight space which is quite a problem for a cav. Not to mention there are objects everywhere. I'm worried that here it's going to be played out over the flag on the roof, or just fought on the center. So the third remaining flag is there for nothing. But this map is more likely to be banned.
Map is overally SUPER BAD, there is no place for cav and archers to play, C flag is super bad in its desing, cavs cant get there, u must push choke points to get on the flag, what makes it very easy to defend which is not balanced, also if u were smart enough to fell down u must use a ladders or waste extra 20 seconds to get back to the fight by ramps, summing up the whole desing of the C flag its 2/10. Lets talk about B flag spot its better but also not so good, the idea of the pit where flag is located is in my opinion weird but hmmm... Anyways cav can do nothing, archer is not pushable, infantries are just stucked in this pit fighting eachother to death. Overally this flag is a solid 5/10. Now the A flag that i cant understand either making a semi-closed area where cavs can get by 2 gates on each side but then putting a lot of garbage to just fill the open areas for nothing we get another flag where playing cav is rather not worth and when playing archer/xbow u will be forced to fight in melle after 2 arrows or so, There are like stairs to get on A from the side which are okey. Last final thing is why is there water under the map if there is like 1 place where u can see it and it takes a lot of PCs power as the water is everywhere under the map.

If it was intended to make this map this way - stop it now pls, all of 3 new maps are not fun, not balanced and not interesting to play.
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