Share with us your tactics!

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What kind of tactics do you use?
We are talking about everything:
the amounts of different troops in your army, what tactics you use on taking a castle compared to on the field, or what you do if you are forced to fight in a mountainous area.
Share everything you can think of when it comes to how you plan your M & B gaming. This is ofcourse only when playing eagle and radiant cross.

this will be fun!
Since I started the thread I can go first.

I Play with Imperial State, and have a 50/50 ratio between cavalry and infantry. (cuirassiers and dragoons, and guards, infantry, reapeater gunners and cannoneers)
I arm all my companions with pistols, 1H sword, horse and heavy armor.

When in the field I go up on a ridge, and put my infantry in a line, with the cavalry on the side (to keep the infantry from shooting the horses of the dragoons)
I hold fire untill the enemy is in good firing range, and from there startes the show. I let my men fire untill the enemy infantry (the cavalry are often so few that they get killed by gunshots before they reach my men)
is quite close, then I order cavalry charge, and do my best to keep the enemy infantry away from my gunners.
This works very good most of the time. On castles and when in mountains I dont have any special tactics, so Im interested in hearing ideas from other ppl about these arenas.

Birger Jarl

Sergeant Knight at Arms
You don't really need Cavalry as the Imperial State. Just go 100% gunners. Due the the simple-mindedness of the A.I's head-on charge, they will all slowly advance right within the sights of your gunmen.

Don't worry about enemy Cavalry - because the Cavalry is faster than Archers and Infantry, the A.I will in 95% of the battles send them towards your army first. And when a few lonely Cavalrymen charges like that, they will either get shot down, or their horses will, which leaves them extremely exposed.

Hold your Fire/Fire at will! (F5) is your best friend as the Imperial State.


Her Flamboyance, the Calipha
One thing you DO NOT wan't do do while playing the Imperial State is something which I did: A all cannoneer army. Dear gods, I think we killed more of each other than the enemy. It was rediculous.

Birger Jarl

Sergeant Knight at Arms
Hahaha, yeah that's insane. 50% Guards 50% Repeater Gunners is the way to go.

Focusing on either Guards or Repeater Gunners exclusively is a bad idea because they have such long reloading times, eventhough Guards are faster than Repeater Gunners. By using only one type of gunner you will always have a big gap in your firing rate because they all reload at the same time.

Cannoneers are pretty sweet in siege defense though. Especially if they manage to score a good hit at the very beginning of the siege when the enemy is all clumped together at the spawn point. Even better when there is a siege tower involved because then they will stay there for a very long time when the tower is being pushed towards the castle.


Her Flamboyance, the Calipha
Yeah, true that with the cannoneers. I was playing with my Lion Throne guy the other day (Celaharn Augusto)  and we were at war with the imperial state... but jesus christ on a pogostick, some cannoneer got off a lucky shot into our ranks, I estimate 15-maybe 25 dead, right off the bat. Crazy **** happens during sieges with the imperial state, but luckily most of my forces had shields, so we were able to fend off the resounding volleys.


I usally carry only a hand cannon and my repeater rifle  I tell my archers to stand behind my infantry and then my calvary behind my archers.

I run up to the enemy fire my hand cannon into the most tighty packed group of enemies and tell my calvary to charge from behind the lines and follow me then run back and forth through there lines while my gunmen rip them to shreds
I've got the simplest tactics for attacking a castle, get an axe, charge, slaughter until there are no more enemies left.
I've never lost a siege attack using that strategy.

When I'm in a mountainous area, I get all of my gun men to the tallest mountain and blast away any enemies that try to come up to get me. Works perfectly because it takes a very long time to get up to the top and its even slower for any cavalry. Easy targets to shoot.


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here are more tactics for the imperial state and to fight against them  :wink:


Yes, we now have, what ? Two-three threads for tactics ? ... Geesh ... Ah well, at least some of you are using tactics ! Not like it was really that much needed in Native.
For Laurians, at war with Lion Throne and Swadia:

Field army: 1/2 pikemen, 1/4 gunmen (preferably State guards), 1/4 missile cavalry (Ormeli, Laurian or mercs)
          Tactics:  Guns as high as possible, pikes below them on the rise, cavalry flank and take out archers then enemy cavalry.

Castle strategy:  Prey I'm still at peace with the Vaegirs so I can get some decent heavy infantry.  That or merc halberdiers/swords.

I really don't know what I'm going to do if I have to go up against the State. 

I played Imperials a bit, but it was too easy, I got bored real fast.  Used the standard tactic of Guard + Repeater + Cannoneer mix, line up and mow down whatever comes your way.



When playing with the imps I arm myself as a lancer, deploy on high ground and have my 7 uhlans deploy on the flank of the line. When the enemy comes at me I wait until their cavalry is rendered incapable of any further nuisance and their formations have become scattered then lead my lancers into their scattered mass and tell them to charge at the last moment. When the cavalry becomes scattered or a new force enters the field; I rally them on the flank and repeat the process.
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