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Simply, it'd be neat if the items from hero's battle loadout that are also usable in civilian mode did not require buying / smithing twice (or thrice, if an extra "secondary battle loadout" of sorts is possible, see first link above).

E.g. if I have an iron spatha in my battle gear, I should be able to use the same spatha in my civilian gear. Same with armour.

UI-wise I imagine it'd be a little toggle-button in the little popup menu with icons that opens when you click items on the loadout screen (the one that has the < for sell, -> for strip, and -O for zoom). If the button is toggled, and the item is civilian-enabled, it's shared.

Tangentially, it'd be neat if some maces, some small axes, and some more "neckwear" (like the battanian low tier leather cape) were civilian-enabled. The hero can start with these stuff in their civilian loadout (e.g. battanians can have the cape and a gallogaich axe in civilian, similar with sturgians), but once you strip them off, you can't put them back on.
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