Several questions regarding Lord allegiance

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Hi, I am still playing this awesome dlc it is like no other when it comes to this period. So, like the title says I have several questions regarding lord allegiance:

1) What is court position? Does this determine if a lord is indicted for treason? If not what then does determine if a lord is indicted, and is there anything I can do about it?Say if I want a lord from another faction to be indicted, (NOT defecting with his fiefs) I tried using travellers to spread rumors and I got a lord to have -100 relation with liege but no indiction. And also, what is the difference between spreading rumors of a lords disloyalty vs indiscretion? Quarrel causes a drop in relations right?

2) I have a bunch of fiefless lords in my hall waiting to join my faction. If I reject them, what does determine to what faction do they join? I wouldn´t want for all of them to end on the same two irish factions and then having those two factions overrun the whole island haha.

3) Bonus question: Is there a difference between party npc relation and their morale? If so, how do I increase relation?

I can make use of both ingame or save editor solutions to these questions. Any help is appreciated!
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