In Progress Several Issues with Village "LevelMasks"

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Summary: There are 4 issues with village masks I would like to point out. Maybe this is still a work in progress, but I was able to get it working properly with a few changes, so I figured I would report it anyway.

1) There are "masks" for villages that are not being applied properly because an incorrect variable is being used in the method PartyVisual.GetLevelOfProduction. In this method, the game checks a village's prosperity level to determine which mask should be applied the the village. However, villages use hearths (not prosperity), and therefore will always have 0 prosperity.This causes the Level 1 mask for < 200 prosperity to always be applied to villages in all cases. The variable needs to be changed from settlement.Prosperity to settlement.Village.Hearth in order to work properly.

So changed from this:

To this:

2) Once that change is made and the masks are properly applied, you can see that the Level 2 mask for villages with a hearth value between 200 and 400 appears to have fewer buildings than either Level 1 or Level 3. Then Level 1 and Level 3 also seem to use the same basic model for the village scenes. This leads me to believe that the models for each level of mask are shuffled around or missing.

The actual productions that surround the villages appear to be correctly applied.


3) HearthLevel thresholds are now 200 and 600, not 200 and 400, so the Level 3 mask will be applied before the production increases to the max output.


4) There does not appear to be a method that refreshes the mask level of villages as they cross the 200 and 600 hearth thresholds, so the mask will only be applied when a village has recovered from a raid or the game is saved and reloaded.


Community Support
Community Support
Hello, i have forwarded the issue to the QA team. Thank you for reporting it in and for your time.
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