Settling Revenge

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Very happy to hear it, Gray! Good luck, m'friend. Glad to hear it's still going, as you have a good vision worthy of fruition (rhyming, yo).
I have to put this project on hold.
I see now that it's way too big of a concept for one person to deal with, and I didn't know what I was doing when I begun, so almost everything has to be replaced.

I have always kept saying, start small and finish that, you can always expand later. Yet I tried to do every idea I had at once, it just won't work.

It's been an amazing learning process though, and the things that don't have to be replaced can be salvaged and used for my now, new, smaller project. Which I have to admit I have been working on since things went silent and I am much more pleased with how things are going this time around, I have much more control and everything is functioning exactly the way I want it to, previously everything was made out compromises and unknown factors.

(If the person who donated 100$ feels neglected, I am very sorry. Since you were anonymous, there's not much I can do but swear that the money is still safe and will be used well in the future for the coming project)

Maybe I will try again one day.


Awww, I know what you're saying though Graylord. It feels so good to get a fresh start and I wish ye luck on your next project.
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