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We already have "Go the keep", "Go the arena", "Go to the tavern district", "Enter the smithy".
I suggest displaying this options directly on the exact location in the settlement model (like the image posted) as an addition or substituting the entries in the UI.

I also suggest that:
  1. Each settlement in the campaign map should have the most important buildings/places displayed and that the settlement accurately represents the scene map or vice-versa.
  2. Each settlement represented on the campaign map is subdivided into the most important regions which you can click and quickly visit that part of the settlement in-scene.
  3. The different regions (like the market district, the docks or outside the settlement) would appear when you zoom in on a settlement in the campaign map.
  4. This regions would be represented in the same way as the image below or because it represents a part of the settlement scene and not inside a certain building it would be displayed differently (maybe in smaller text when you mouse over it or in some icon(s)).
  5. Remove the "Take a walk around the town center" because now you have more control over where you want to spawn in scene.
  • I don't know if this is possible but if the settlement scenes were subdivided into parts you could only load the part you clicked on and thus reduce loading times significantly.
I think this goes in line with the TW decision of "unifying" the campaign map terrain with the battle map scenes, this is the next logical step in my opinion.
Also, this features would likely drive people into visiting settlement scenes more often and open ground for more in-scene gameplay experience both in native and for mods to explore.


Image from:
King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Official Gameplay Overview Trailer
and increases the level of UI customisation to Calradia, which full conversion mods will have to replicate or unscramble.
I don't know if a system like this would create problems for modders, but that's something devs need to take into account.
Just some ideas tho, devs are more qualified to see the pros and cons, so I'll leave that to them now :eek:
Years ago we talked about something like this internally, but we realized it was going to take considerable amount of time and effort to make it happen, for very little in return. Effort and time that could be spent elsewhere. At this point it's a little late for changes like this.

So yeah, I agree with your general points and it makes sense but it's a little late at this point.
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