Servers on a sunday evening.

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Siege server almost always shuts down after the match, after that almost no one playing on the EU servers, as it can take several minutes for a few dozen players to come back. Skirmish is either stacks of semi-pro players or 3v3 since no one really plays this game. Not sure if TaleWorlds can do anything anymore to fix the problem since the trust is lost and the game has had so many problems with multiplayer.
Will there be zero players before custom servers are here? Is there anything TaleWorlds can do?



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Well the reason for this is very clear, TW tries to satisfy a competitive community and on the side a casual one. But if you cannot keep a casual community alive you for sure can't keep a competitive one.

TW is just doing it backwards. Balance is surely ****ed same for combat but that are minor issues for casual gameplay which is the foundation of competitive gameplay. That's why there is no progress and everything is properly ****ed, but hey let's add perks to the game because that has a higher priority than everything else ffs.


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What % of players is waiting for something specific to be added and what % is gone for good is the question.
Personally I'm waiting for friendly fire fix on siege&tdm before coming back, but seeing how long something so simple is taking I might just end up forgetting about it one day really.
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