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Need More Info Servers have terrible connection again

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Summary: Especially for german based players the servers are terrible( package loss, constant higher ping(+30) etc) once again for a few weeks already
How to Reproduce: Live in Germany and play MP, peak times are worse then earlier.

This has been an issue on and off again, please for the love of god get a real server provider. The one you have is scamming you.
The problem can be fixed by using VPN, do you expect everybody to buy one or do you work together with NordVPN ?


Same issues experienced from Hungary, especially during peak times...+25-30 ping, constant packet loss, own attacks not registering / bouncing off the enemy, being unable to actually duel or put up a decent fight...


I suspect that it has to do with routing problems, these originate from the connection between the server and the end-point which is supplied by the ISP and the server provider.

The EU servers are based in The Netherlands and the server park probably has a connection to AMS-IX, basically one of the biggest connectiong points in the world.

As it seems to be related to nationality it would be fairly logical to assume the problem lies with the ISP and their connection to AMS-IX, some German providers have been known to spare on costs and save on routing which could cause connection issues (T-Mobile tried to route everything from NL to Germany, failed). This would also explain why a VPN would fix it as you add another node between your ISP and the server, bypassing the routing from your ISP.

The thing described above is unlikely to be TWs fault and might be fixed by switching server host but I don't have the information to suggest that. As creating a network problem related to location is quite hard to create unintentionally and locally.

TW should investigate their connection to Germany from their EU server host and do inquiries into there about the routing to Germany as something is going wrong but I wouldn't say it is so simple as a crappy hoster or crappy programming. Networking is very complex and 99% is handled by someone else than TW as TW just opens a connection and that's it.

A survey to investigate who has problems with which ISP might be useful.

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Sorry for the late reply. Could you check if this issue still persisting on the latest version of the game?
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