Servers are broken, Taleworlds please fix

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Dear Server Team, please listen to your Lead Dev when he tells you that there is a problem with the servers and dont just rely on the users to report it.
Currently there is only one skirmish Server running at a time.


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It's been broken for 48 hours since that hotfix, please stop messing with the servers, this is driving people actually out.


It's ridiculous. These idiots will spend months changing features nobody asked for, but can't fix the servers. Why does every siege game still crash, but new maps are being added in? Why remove the death counter? Fix the core problems first...


It is getting rather frustrating if im perfectly honest. Im not looking to rant, but the servers are very very unstable. I can only speak for EU siege and TDM, siege is terrible, the crashing...

I dont usually complain but this has been going on for a long time now. Some time to trouble shoot and fix is perfectly acceptable and expected but Im starting to worry a tad, its been a long time!

We still play though! Multiple daily crashes wasnt enough for me stop play this awesome game, thats how awesome it is.

But its getting very old guys.
It's weird how at one point the servers seemed a lot better and now it's back to crashing like there hasn't been any work on them all this time


How's it possible we can't have stable servers in the year of our Lord 2022?

How can critical bugs like these still happen after 2 years into early access and 10 years into actual development?

How is there anyone still left playing this game?

Is this even real life?

What is being done to our beloved M&B franchise?
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Since the devs don't seem to address gamebreaking bugs/problems, has their ever been a community manager response to why the servers crash regularly?


Kickpolls dont work too. You wait half an hour for a match to be in a team with a dude who is afk for the entire match and cant be kicked.


this is what happens when you combine brainless server team with a careless developer team
go build your building instead of fixing servers


Mount & Blade replied to me on Twitter today saying the team is aware of the issue and they are working on it.
Either it's the most complicated bug of all time, or they are not working on it properly.
"Incompetence at it's best" is the sentence that comes to my mind when thinking about TW, having such issues again and again years after years...
They are lucky to have a niche mechanics concept, otherwise they'd be in big trouble, if not already out of business.
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The server hamster is on winter break and the snail, his replacement for the time, is doing its very best. Please be kind.
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