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We are pleased to announce that the CHS community has created a server for this great Mod (The Deluge).

The server is a dedicated machine with a I7 which is located in France with a connection to 100Mbits.
The name is Tercio_Napoles_UE and has 250 slots for players with good ping.

Our rules are simple:
  • Do not teamkill (automatic kick to 4 tk's).
  • Do not use two muskets. Two pistols, or a pistol and a musket are allowed.
  • Do not foul language, religion or political discussions.
  • Do not recruit. Use the Taleworlds forums instead.
  • Do not impersonate or misrepresent identities members of regiments.
  • Do not perform continuous pools of map, factions and meteorology.

  • And above all, do not argue with administrators.

Administrators are members of the TercioNapoles_.

More information at:
sammac said:
Server needs MotF.


Men's Outdoor Track and Field
Man of the Future
Men's Outdoor Track & Field
Members of the Force
Masters of the Force
Member Of The Family
Mommying On The Fly
Mantle of the Force
Mens Outdoor Track and Field
Mens Outdoor Track Field
Men Outdoor Track Field
Messengers of the Faith
Magic Oak Tree Family
Music on the Ferry
Matters of the Force
Master of the Forge
Mystery of The Fire
Might of the Faithful
Memoirs of the Fresh
Mighty Oak Timber Framing
Mothers of the Father
Masters of the Flame
Music on the Field
Music on the Fly
Maidens of the Force
Mark On The Fly
Military Officers of The Future
Manganese Oxide Thin Film
Mall Of The Forest
Machines of the Future
Matters of the Faith
Manifest of the Fresh
Men of the Future
Military Operations Task Force
Man of the Festival
Minions of the Fallen
Mysteries Of The Forest
Music of the Future
Mutiny of the Fashionistas
Marketplace of the Future
My One True Friend

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