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I'm trying to set my server up and have been setting up my config file but I'm running into issues.

1) Is there any documentation explaining all of the different command lines that can be placed in the config file? I've seen the official list of the commands but not an explanation for all of them. There are certain things that I'm still not clear on doing. It seems like, in order to have a map rotation, you need to use the line:
add_map_to_automated_battle_pool mapname
And have one for each map in the rotation

And then the following commands need to be placed at the bottom:
set_automated_battle_count 100 (and this number can be changed).

Is this all correct?

2) How do I change factions for each map?

3) Is it possible for me to manually edit the teams in game? If so, how do I do this?

Thank you for your help.
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