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Need More Info Server Freezing during error reporting (with possible solution)

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Summary: This post is mostly a finding of mine since I figured out what causes the stuttering on servers. The behavior I was seeing was an RGL error regarding some out-of-bounds length issue that i'm not sure yet what causes it, but that is not the focal point of this post. The focus point is that the automated error reporting seems to cause the server to freeze while it sends error logs to TW. When I originally had noticed this behavior I was not looking at the console as it happened. Today I put it up and as players were joining I was watching the logs. As the error dump was being generated and sent the server would be frozen. Almost immediately after it auto-closed it would then clear up and the server would function normally. I disabled automated error reporting using /DisableErrorReporting in the launch arguments.

How to Reproduce: Don't include /DisableErrorReporting in your launch arguments and wait for an error in the console to occur and the automated error reporting window to open. Watch as it attempts to send the report and it should cause the server to freeze in some cases.

PS: While I know servers aren't the most stable, I just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention in case it could be fixed and/or help another server hoster with the same issue as me. Turning that setting off allowed for a stable play session continuously.
Wanted to follow up that I have told multiple other server owners about this, and including this in their launch arguments has significantly improved server stability
Hey, our team have released some updates and most of the server related issues should be fixed with these improvements. If this issue still persistent, please let me know so we can further inspect the subject.
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