"server crash" frequently in Siege (north america)

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Siege mode disconnects and server crashes happen so frequently that 1. I'm genuinely surprised it hasn't been fixed yet/prioritized 2. I'm surprised people are continuing to cue for siege mode (NA servers). I'm not one to post on forums, but the problem is so bad that I'm afraid multiplayer player base will drop out if this isn't addressed... and then I can't play siege (which is the real tragedy). The last game I played started over 3 times, 2 server crashes before finally working. Thankfully everyone re-cued so matchmaking was super fast. In addition to the server crashes, I don't think I've made it through a single match (start to finish) without disconnection/lost connection (I forget the wording). Please fix your delightful multiplayer murder simulator!


Really disappointing, especially mid-game. I know its early access, but I expected mp to be stable...


I usually get "Connection timed out" with a 0:00 timer before the match can even start (NA Siege queue) and with Battle server crashes on top of it, this particular game mode has become unplayable for me until server stability is fixed.


Constantly. No help from devs so far. Siege is a mess. the game servers overall lag like crazy too. the skirmish gets ping spikes over 100 from 20 all the time. No idea why, everything else is fine. Other people having the same issue.


Siege is still crashing frequently. It still boggles my mind they cant fix this in a timely manner. There have been virtually no changes to MP since EA and the changes in the latter part of the beta were also abysmal. The developers should be ashamed of this piece of garbage.


Oops posted a thread about this at the same time, should have mentioned, SIEGE. I dont get it, the population is dying...


Finally got into a game after this, epic battle, we won, many kills, crash on load out... no wins no kills no xp give me xp


Yeah the 1/10 siege matches I get to play out are extremely fun. But it's really offputting and killing the base to have so many problems.
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