server closing instead of at least trying to continue

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i get that the server crashes after every game so it is easier to close the server then try to keep the players to play another round,

but once in a while the server doesn't crash and the player base can play the next round

i know it looks bad that the server crashes about 80% of the time,

but the servers should at least try to stay open bc the players stick around longer when they dont have to leave and rejoin a server,

to take away the possibility of a successful server match restart bc the majority of times the server crashes is bad for the 20% of times the server functions

please let the servers at least try to keep the siege server alive rather then just close them 100% of the time bc of the poor server quality


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This sounds like you are a woke idiot for the servers, why are Americans so special.
Let the servers try. Don't kill them! Ye bud, this is not how any of this works, they just changed the message at the top.
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