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Muzzle C

Sergeant Knight
Hey you all!
I've been working on this unique server. It's now at the point where i decided to make it public, so...
Let me announce you:

Native DM Server

  • Players spawn with a random knife and a random outfit. No equipment can be bought.
  • Random weapons and shields are scattered around the scene.
  • Players can only have 2 items at the time.
  • Random bots, like farmes, villagers, fighters, etc... Number of bots voteable 7+7
  • No cavalry.
  • Current scenes on the rotation:
    • Arena
    • Dry as a bone - by Otreum
    • On the edge - by Otreum
    • Battle for Hharkin - by Otreum
    • Smugglers cove - by Otreum
    • Heated Battle - by Otreum
    • Watch your step - by Otreum
    • Burning witch - by Mustikki
    • The Last Inn - by Almogaver
    • Village
    • Pine Island - by Muzzle
  • Server size 20 slots.
  • Maptime 10 mins.
  • Server location: Amsterdam/Netherlands

Credits for the scene authors for those nice scenes.
Credits for Gotha. Without Gotha's Adimi Tools, i would never have started modding Warband. Adimi Tools is the base of this server.

I hope you guys try the server.
Please give feedback about it, so i know what could make the server better.
Some scenes might not work with the concept, so let me know if you feel so.
Also, if you happen to have any scenes that would fit this server, feel free to post about it.

Any suggestions are welcome  :smile:

EDIT: Changed the maptime from 15mins to 10mins


Knight at Arms
Seems fun! I checked it out when I got home tonight. Maby knife chamberblocking is easier with less blood alcohol levels though. I'll have another go tomorrow!

Muzzle C

Sergeant Knight
Bumping this in case someone has got something to say about the server.
At the prime gaming time there is approximately 3 players at the server daily  :lol:
If anyone has any kind of suggestions, please tell. Otherwise this has no reason to live.


Knight at Arms
Never noticed this before, I'll hop on this weekend when you EU's are on.
I love this server. Doesn't even need many players. You can just poll for bots, and then have fun against them. But it definitely deserves more attention.
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