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this one from what i will post here of my suggestions
this is an idea and a suggestion that you can modify or add to ... I have given you a main idea

It is no secret that the exploratory and espionage skills are extremely poor, rather they may complicate matters ... and most of the things do not even need them ... For example, an army of your friends is attacked, or a specific city, castle, or village, and even a convoy, you receive a notification of that
You can say that the main benefit of it is the exploration of caches and the extent of the enemies' vision ... so the amendment proposal is as follows ...
Each kingdom must have a certain power of espionage and exploration, for example, it will not be easy anymore to enter the territory of the opponent, or even other lands, without being suspicious of the owning faction.
For example, suppose you entered the land of a certain faction, you are in a state of war together, and as soon as you enter their land, there will be a warning for them after a short period, according to the exploratory skills of the faction.
And they will come to confront you and fight you ... that is, if you enter their land, you will be in great danger from being subjected to a sudden attack ... and there will be no security
Let us take into consideration some important matters in that
It is the terrain, for example, distance, type of culture, as well as the owner of the land or the owning clan
The detection of the opponent in the desert, for example, differs from the forests .. and also in the rest of the terrain
And the distance between you and the cities and villages, the closer you get to the city or the village, the greater the opportunity for you to explore and send an alert to the faction armies
The type of culture, for example, desert dwellers have the ability to discover you more, as well as forest dwellers ...
The clan that owns the city or village to which you are close. Or the clan that owns the land. If it has some characteristics as well as the required skills, this will increase your exploration rate

And abbreviate it all
It is no longer easy to enter and leave enemy territory

And if it is discovered that you have entered their lands ???
They will send you the closest forces present ... and pursue you, as well as block the road on you as much as possible if you try to escape ... until they catch you!

In the event that a large army entered ... intended for invasion or plunder ??
Here the enemy is preparing a similar army and meeting this army before it reaches its destination

Intelligence and espionage

Each faction has the ability to penetrate into the depths of the enemy and obtain the largest possible number of information, for example the number of armies, destinations and targets near and far. This information will be very important ... How ??
The enemy can prepare for possible attacks, for example ... if it knows that the enemy has prepared an army and is coming to invade a certain city, then the faction is preparing the necessary equipment for this army and confronting it as soon as it enters its territory
Can counter enemy attacks on villages and plunder them.
Can ambush the enemy (we will mention the ambush feature)
He can know the enemy's whereabouts and weight so that he can launch attacks on weak places if he attacks

The ambush ...
It is no secret to all that the advantage of ambush and snare is completely absent ...
For example, there is no feature for forests, mountains, heights and narrow paths in the map ???
It is possible to exploit this by placing an ambush feature?
Whereas, when the faction is provided with necessary information about the enemy's direction, or if it is in a critical state of defense
It is here set the necessary ambush and be as follows

The first ... is the verification requirement, when is it achieved and how?
Cities and their surroundings ...
For example, places close to cities would be a good environment for ambush, provided they were forests, heights, swamps, or paths.
For example, a specific commander can set up an ambush near a certain city and when an enemy convoy or forces attack them
So that if you are ambushed, you will not see anything on the map, but if you pass by the location of the ambush, you will see a message informing you that you were ambushed and with the option to attack ...
You can avoid the ambush if you have very high scouting skills, but if the enemy has a high scout skill also, you cannot detect an ambush.
So you have to be careful anymore about the ground you walk on

Here we talk about the mechanism and I say that there must be a special advantage for this battle and the damage of the archers is multiplied by 50% or 100% and the infantry speed is 50%, and the formations of the attacking team must be organized, arranged and well centered, and the formations of the defending team are dispersed and dispersed so that it must reconfigure its ranks. From the beginning ...


1- Exploration: If I'm not mistaken, in the villages in Warband you could build watchtowers. There could be something like that, giving vision around a certain city or village and alerting nearby troops. I find it a simple and practical way to make enemy lands more challenging to explore, as well as defend your own lands more effectively.

2- Intelligence and espionage: I think it would be interesting to go into the "diplomatic / intrigue" part, where there could be options for spreading rumors, sabotaging, murdering and spying. A spy would be sent for the task and, if successful, would return after a while with the information. The target city or castle from your enemies would be discovered and marked on the map. Time to prepare defenses quickly!

3- Ambush: Thinking of a very interesting way to apply this in the game would be to enter an "invisible" mode on the campaign map (if you have enough skills not to be discovered) where you cannot move and time passes while you select a quantity troops from your party to patrol around you. As soon as an enemy finds the troops (outnumbered) they will attack and it automatically takes you into battle. In the battle scenario you could take a few minutes to position and organize troops the way you want, knowing where the enemy will come from (highlighted on the map before the enemy's arrival).

As simple as that, we will have a big gameplay upgrade!
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