Separate Troop Experience from Troop Equipment - Economy fix

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What if units had to be outfitted with an equipment package? You could level up troops but their equipment would stay the same. You would have to create weapon and armor packages and then outfit your troops with these. And then if these high end units die and you win the battle, you can recover their kits. The equipment would degrade and have to be maintained.

This would allow players to create the weapon outfits they want their units using. It would create an end game money sink where you have to maintain high end equipment for your army. There could be an added "Smith" Clan role for creating and maintaining these equipment out fits.

It would potentially solve the AI problem of fielding hordes of ****ty recruits. At least those recruits could have better equipment.

Possibly also reorganize the party screen. Instead of a list of units, you see a list of 1-9 (1 infantry,2 archers,3 cavalary). You can then put unit types into those "sub folders" and assign the equipment to the unit type.


Just a thought:

It my opinion it would be better for the developers to stick with what they have regarding the economy and caravans. Right now its very easy to get millions of denars with workshops and caravans (when they were still good). Instead of tinkering with these numbers, they should just add content based on what they built.

Problem: Players make way too much money!

Taleworlds solution: Nerf ways of making money!

Better Solution: Add money sinks that add value and choices to the game. More expensive equipment for troops, maybe add banks where you have to store your denars past 20,000. If you carry more then 20,000 you will get notifications that you were robbed by bandits. So you store your money in your castle vault. Now add ways to attack a castle with a small band to rob a lord of their denars.
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I actually like this idea. It would also be interesting to make more items drop in battle, change the price values as well (lowering values of tunics and such), and pack animals would be so much more needed. Every man should of course be able to carry their own set up, but having extra gear or gear in general weighs.


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I was thinking about similar thing.
Instead of one XP bar to upgrade troops you could have two bars: XP bar and equipment bar.
XP bar would be filled when fighting battles like now, but more importantly when training, and would fill faster than now to balance having second bar.

Equipment bar could be filled in 3 ways:
- from spare battle loot
- by donating them equipment (which then would convert to "equipment points" with some reasonable ratio, based on item value)
- by donating them money directly so they buy it themselves (easiest, but somewhat more expensive option)

To keep it reasonable, so you don't upgrade your lvl 4 troops with loot from looters, level 4 troops would need lvl4+ equpment, while level 1 troops would take any equipment (but higher level equipment giving much more equipment points).
We could merge this with existing mechanic of requiring war horses to upgrade cavalry. Cavalry units would have have horse equipment bar, that you will fill by donating them horses (which again will be converted to "equipment points" based on their level and value). Thus eliminating the current issue that giving more expensive horses to troop upgrades is a waste now.
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