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We have never feared anything in the realm of men. But the divine Fortuna herself, we always hold dread of her as faithless and inconstant; and, for the very reason that in war she has been as a favourable gale in all our affairs to this point, and we still expect some change and reflux.
We never act without first taking auspices, in public and private matters, and with crimsoned hands and smoke from the altars in our eyes we give the utmost importance to the omens our augurs take from them, just as Romulus himself did, on the first day of our city's existence.
The Conscript Fathers and our Res Publica, the Senatus Populusque Romanus and our gods, our brothers and fathers, we all carry down the mos maiorium for our sons and descendants and even for the great city itself. We trust in our past and with Fortuna’s good blessings and courage and arms, and a devotion to the gods, we trust in our glorious future as well.



Roman Consul Fabius Maximus
Roman Consul Scipio
A consul holds imperium. The consul's chief duties in his one year term were raising and commanding Roman armies. Every year, there would be elections to decide the consuls but there could never be two plebian consuls.

Roman Praetor Tiberius
A praetor was responsible for the administration of justice in his province and had imperium, giving him the legal authority to command Roman armies. The praetor's term of office was one year.

Roman Aedile Claudius Nero
Roman Aedile Aemilius
During their one-year terms, the aedile was charged with overseeing the temples and markets of the city of Rome and organising festivals and games.

Roman Tribune Varro
Roman Tribune Claudius Marcellus
Roman Tribune Flaminius
Roman Tribune Marius Maximus
Six military tribunes provided the senior officers of the four urban legions, reporting directly to the consul or legion commander. Served between the years 22 to 26.

Roman Centurion Tiberius
A veteran soldier, the centurion is the leader of a century of 80 men, which what forms into a maniple. He will have enough money to afford a bronze cuirass.

Roman Aquilifer Timus
The Aquilifer guards the standards of the legion, the most important being the eagle, but he also is in charge of the soldier's pay.

The Equites were young men of the middle class of Roman Society that could afford to buy a horse and the necessary armour and equipment.

Roman Legionary Junius Brutus
Roman Legionary Marcus Julius
Roman Legionary Marcus
Roman Legionary Cerialis
Roman Legionary Marcus Caius
Roman Legionary Ascensorem
Roman Legionary Atlas
Roman Legionary Aurelious
Roman Legionary Marcius
The Legionary were the heavy infantry and core troops of the Roman Republic, split into three different groups: Hastati, Principes and Triarii.

Roman Socii Arminius
The Socii (Latin for Allies) supply the Romans with troops such as specialised cavalry and spearmen to support the Roman legions.

The Velites are the raw recruits of the Roman legion during the Republic, wearing wolf pelts so commanding officers could distinguish them in battle.



The Romans are enlisting new fresh men to join the cause in the defence of our city and our Republic against all our enemies. If you wish to enlist to the Roman Republic, copy and answer the questions in the application below.

Steam Name:
Chosen Latin Name (Necessary):
Any Past Experience in a Persistent Mod?:
Do you have TS (necessary) and a mic (optional)?:
Do you swear to defend all people of the Roman Republic and her allies?:
Do you swear never to betray the Roman people and therefore never suffer the punishment of crucifixion?:

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