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So, I noticed that from tomorrow, it will have been a full week since there was any activity (of any kind) on Steam Database.

It makes me wonder if TW have hit another significant development glitch or obstacle? - amazingly the development of the game seems to be slowing down, not speeding up as was the hope after the code refactor.

or it might be that 1.5.8 is just around the corner and ready to drop - but I doubt it... because then they would be testing it, surely.

What's your best guess at what is happening?
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I guess a lot of them are working on the console port...
To be fair, if / when the game is optimized and available as free-to-play on gamepass, there might be enough active players to fill cross-platform servers.

TW is actively releasing hotfixes. No doubt they’ll drop next update w/in couple weeks.
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