Seeking a specific mod, please help!


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Good evening, my dear comrades of Taleworlds community. I'm writing this thread due to the fact that I'm seeking a mount and blade mod, doesn't matter whether it's viking conquest or just typical native mode. The requirements I have for this mod are, the fact that they put a lot of weight on being a king, and the features that comes with it. The fact that you should have the ability to join a faction, and after some time you get to become the king of that faction due to the fact that the king dies of diseases or something like that. I need a mod that values realism to almost the fullest, but at the same time an easy game play. IF anybody know of such mod, please contact me! Doesn't matter what sort of mod it is, just as long as it has good roleplay adventures and features and it values king decisions and policies and realism. And if you could become a king of another faction that would be even sicker!!