Security and Loyalty improvements.

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packing garrison seems nice but not everyone got the money to do so.

You can do it with tier 1 units or even peasants.

But that means having to explain to players, in some way, that their first fief will be a drain on their economy instead of a boost, at least for awhile.
You can do it with tier 1 units or even peasants.

But that means having to explain to players, in some way, that their first fief will be a drain on their economy instead of a boost, at least for awhile.
i guess they will notice pretty quickly. but troop and fief management tutorial is a must imo


Some good tips here.
I think it might also be a good idea to level up a crisis governor from scratch (focus on security and loyalty), so you can use him/her to stabilize the settlement first and then switch once loyalty is high enough for a more balanced one to focus on construction and taxes.
But leveling governor perks is pretty hard atm and preleveled companions often have the wrong default perks.
Using BannerlordTweaks- and a respec-mod helps, but I still struggle with leveling up steward and leadership. Too bad there are no seminars or skill books in vanilla bannerlord. (There is a scholars mod, but it does not work in 1.5.6)

Imo the governor perks are a too scattered among all the categories. It adds a bit of flavour, which is good, but imo they should be more organized. Steward should be main perkline for governing, and maybe each skill-type has 1 or 2 extra governor bonuses, but all at the same tier, so you know at a glance where they will be unlocked. One should unlock at a lower, easy to reach tier, and one at a high tier for example. Additional color coding would also be nice to be able to read the perks better.
Steward could be the green line and the extra goveneur bonuses are also highlighted green.

Green color code assigned to Steward:

Color hint added to t2 Polearm perk icon:

Edit: Just created a seperated post in suggestions/ui about this.
The color coding doesn't really work as I imagined at first, but I changing the color coding to small icons representing the different roles (Personal, party leader...) should solve this.
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I haven't booted up the game in a while so my assessment may be off by this point, but at least when it came to a player led army clans wouldn't drop a member from the army to have them secure newly acquired fiefs. So if I had all of the active members of a clan in my army and we took a fief that their clan was granted they wouldn't actually be able to secure it unless I manually dropped one of them (and even then there didn't seem to be anything stopping them from simply joining another army unless their % was too low.)

So the issues on the player side at least were:
1. AI wouldn't flag a lord as 'securing fief', which would drop them from a current army, make them unable to join an army, and prioritize security/fief defense.
2. Even if they were flagged in that way we have no means of seeing it.

There should be a sliding variable of a percentage of lords in a clan that are securing their fiefs (or the king's fiefs if they lack a fief) based on if the kingdom is at peace (high percent), at war (roughly equal), or in multiple wars (low percent). This would affect army compositions during these three game 'phases', with few lords available to join an army in peace, a fair amount able to join in a war, and basically all able to join armies in multiple wars (ie all hands on deck).

That may also help a little with the peace time economics as well since security/loyalty/hearths can rebound with more lords actively improving them. Even having lords rest in their low loyalty settlements with their troops would help.
Be great if clan spy was an job role you could assign and give them special spy tasks. Spreading rumours about a lord or lady or try to start a war plus other things like steal some jewelry and plant it on someone to lower there reputation.
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