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Here you will find your opponents for the duels.

EU Second stage:


NA Second stage:

Here we go! EU First stage:


NA bracket:


The sign-up for the 1st stage is finished. All the players coming after Sir_NoNever in the EU list are in reserve slots. It means that if one of the main 24 players won't show up you have a chance to take his place. In this case the first one of these players to join the duels will take his place and so on.
GlukeRbrbtr said:
CHoHu_Nam_Argoren Has written that won't participate,
I can play instead of it if it probably.

No you can't  :grin:
If a player misses, they will go for the next player in line, so:
2- _OD_Deli_Agression
3- Mia´
4- paddysquiges

and so on...I've already been contacted but i wont be here as well, so next in line will be Agression

You still have a long away to go m8, sorry, although you better stick around cause if someone misses and you are the only one they are able to contact, you might actually play.
I noticed that my nick for the EU stage (Fighting_Jesus) is nowhere in the list even though I applied on time.
So who am I going to be dueling?
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